Do you often wonder how “other” people manage to create a lifestyle full of abundance and prosperity? Have you ever found yourself asking what his/her secret is, or worse, chalking it all up to luck? If so, you are not alone. As human beings, we all tend to compare ourselves to others in a survival of the fittest sort of way. When we fall short, rather than see what action steps we can take to create change, we say other people have it better or are just plain lucky.

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Did you know that there are ways to prosperity that have little to do with luck and a lot to do with creating a wealthy mindset first? Abundance is not only for the “chosen few”. It’s everyone’s birthright. How many times have you heard stories of people pulling themselves up from nothing to create mass success and fortune? It can happen for you too.

You’re probably asking yourself how or even shaking your head while thinking, this is for “other” people and not for me. That’s a great place to start – with your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your mindset, and change your life.

You don’t simply wake up one morning and declare you will be more mindful of your prosperity. It takes practice. It also takes intentionality. You need to want this so much in your life that you focus on it daily and willingly move forward taking the steps to make it a reality.

Any goal worth achieving requires action on your part. You have to move forward and take the steps to reach your goal. As a human being, you want things now. You do not intentionally take small steps and allow them to add up as you go. So, what do you do? You avoid taking any steps. You remain inactive. You don’t even bother to try.

Sometimes you set goals so high, there is no place to go but down. You fall short, become overzealous too quickly, and don’t follow any guidance. There is a way around all of this.

Before you going dig into more grab your worksheet:

Keys to Prospering with a Wealthy Mindset 

A good idea is only as good as its action plan. If you want to be prosperous, you need to have a prosperity-mindset action plan. For some, setting a goal means taking out pen and paper, creating lists and making graphs. All those things are well and good. However, you need to start with what’s in your mind first.

Since your thoughts drive your actions and your actions take you to your destination, it’s important to make sure that your thoughts steer you down the right road – the road to prosperity. Get your thoughts down on paper before creating any type of to-do list or action plan. It all begins with your mind. Learn how to train your mind with these 10 key steps. 

  1. Focus on your “what” and your “why” first – focus on what you are creating and why you are you creating it. Have this show up first and foremost, before you move on to the “how” part of it. Those who are focused on the end goal tend to leave out the big picture, which is what you are creating and why you are creating it. An example would be “create a coaching business that inspires women to break through their abundance-blocks.” While it may sound like part of an elevator speech, it is more of a declaration to yourself and others. Don’t lose sight of your “what” and your “why.” You can tackle the “how” to-do list later.
  2. Attach emotion to it – if you have created your business plan and focus daily on your “what” and your “why,” attach emotion to all that you are doing. Yes, associate emotion to even the mundane stuff. Get excited about creating that to-do list, feel exhilarated about the scary unknown, and get inspired so you can inspire others.
  3. Change your perception – don’t look at a to-do list as a boring, mundane chore. View it as a piece of your vision. Look upon it as a step closer to creating a life that you love where all your dreams come true.
  4. Take on keywords – the same way you would use keywords for SEO purposes on your blog or website, apply keywords to yourself too. Choose a few words and create yourself as those words. Be energized be vibrant, be inspiring, and create momentum, etc.
  5. Pay attention to your thoughts – if you want to have a mindset of prosperity, set up a reward system for every time you use a positive word. Deduce points for when you use terms such as, “I can’t, I don’t know, I’m not…” Once you make a conscious effort to keep these self-sabotaging words out of your thoughts, you will begin to notice a shift. There will be a shift in your vocabulary too. You will catch yourself saying things such as, “I wish, I want, and If only.” You will begin to change those phrases to “When I become, I am going to.” You will be amazed at how this single most important shift in your mindset will change your thoughts, change your words, and change your life.
  6. Play the game of opposites – you get to choose your thoughts daily. If you have a negative thought, turn it into an opposite. If you are mad, turn that into a positive by acknowledging that feeling as a call to action. It’s time to make a change because the thing you are angry about didn’t work.
  7. Pay attention to your thoughts. Chances are you have some old dialogue running in the background telling you something is impossible. When you hear that old dialogue, recreate it to I’m possible. Check-in with your thoughts. Do you feel other people have it better than you do? Do you have a woe is me attitude?
  8. Pay attention to your words. The words you speak could dictate your life. If you spend too much time speaking about woe is me subjects, chances are you will energetically attract more of that into your life.
  9. Pay attention to your feelings. Your feelings are a guidepost. If you have a feeling of sadness, see what you need to do to recreate it into joy. What’s missing in your life that will give you more prosperity? Don’t just sweep those feelings away. Chances are you had the thought first and the feelings afterward. Change your thoughts. Change your feelings.
  10. Don’t go it alone. The most successful people have other people holding them accountable for their thoughts. They are not afraid to be authentic and surround themselves with positive people. Look at your people and decide whom you need to distance from and whom you need to keep closer to you. Have you ever seen someone so enthusiastic that you just can’t help but laugh, in spite of your negative thought pattern?

Thoughts for Sustaining a Prosperity Mindset 

Now that you have shined a spotlight on those negative thoughts to identify them and have replaced them with positive action steps such as “I am” statements, let’s look at replacing those lack thoughts to create a mindset ripe and ready for prosperity. 

  1. I have unique gifts and talents.
  2. I am the best version of me I can be.
  3. Success flows effortlessly and lays itself out before me.
  4. I can do anything I put my mind to doing.
  5. I am the creator of prosperity.
  6. Abundance is my birthright.
  7. Each courageous step I take leads me closer to prosperity.
  8. I deserve prosperity.
  9. The more I have the more I can share.
  10. When I follow my passion, prosperity waits for me.

When you recognize your negative thoughts or mindset of lack, take the appropriate action steps, and replace the negative thoughts with positive “I-can-do-it” thoughts, you are retraining your brain to drive you straight towards prosperity and wealth. In short, you are rerouting your path in life, as well as changing your ultimate destination.

Ways of Being to Create a Mindset of Prosperity 

Keep identifying those old negative thought patterns as they come to you. The more quickly you catch yourself, the more aware you become. The more aware you become, the more you can smile to yourself and think, “I’ve got this.”


Keep pushing the negative thoughts out by replacing them with the positive corrective action steps. It’s that simple. The more you practice this, the more it will become a habit and eventually, it will become second nature. You will have put your wealthy mindset on a cruise and you will automatically do it with little or any effort. Replace those negative mindsets with successful mantras and then shine a light on “who” you are in the moment.

If you are focusing on lack and being stingy with money, the chances are high that there won’t be room for anything more. Look at how you are behaving and replace that negative behavior as well.

  1. Act fulfilled – when you are feeling grateful for what you do have, you don’t have to worry so much about what you don’t have. Knowing that you are already fulfilled and prosperity is yours every day is a great way of staying in the moment of gratitude.
  2. Create momentum – momentum is, contrary to popular belief, a way of starting small and growing bigger and better. Most people believe that momentum is starting with a bang and skyrocketing. Momentum is a continual movement and motion.
  3. Be bold and courageous – daily take time to step out of your comfort zone in the smallest of ways. Do you want prosperity? Well, your ego wants you stuck in comfort to protect it in all ways.
  4. Act excited – Be excited ahead of time for that great and prosperous event coming your way. You will be astonished by how it will provide a life of prosperity for you.
  5. Be exhilarated – Remember how you felt before you took a daring leap of faith or even before getting on that roller coaster? Be that way every day to create a mindset of prosperity.
  6. Take on being more alive in every moment – Each moment you live in a prosperous moment is a moment closer to living a long life of prosperity.
  7. Be engaging – get other people excited about life and living and you will see your relationships prosper as well.
  8. Become joyful – Would a life of prosperity, come from a lack mindset? No, it would come from a joyful mindset. Change your mindset. Change your life.
  9. Get enthusiastic – bring others on board your prosperity train. When you are enthusiastic, you become contagious.
  10. Feel vibrant – notice colors, sounds, sights and be vibrant. Your vibrancy will attract more of the same.

How to Reset Your Mindset 

Now it’s time to kick your ego to the curb. While ego was necessary to assist us in our fight and flight mode, there aren’t too many dinosaurs around anymore. Having said that, it’s time to give your mind a reset button.

It’s time to think outside of the box. Now you are going to explore how to recreate your thoughts and view them differently. Who would have thought you could take your thoughts out of your head and examine them in a new light? 

  1. Rather than getting bogged down and overwhelmed by a million different ideas, stick with one idea. Try it. If it doesn’t work, choose another idea. Making mistakes is a natural part of learning. Don’t beat yourself up about them. Remind yourself that mistakes are opportunities to learn and stepping-stones to greater prosperity.
  2. Don’t associate failure with quitting or giving up; associate it with learning how to do things better and better every time. If you want to have a mindset of prosperity then there is no room for the feeling you are a failure; only a mindset of “well that didn’t work, let’s check out what does.”
  3. Think upon not having to be perfect, but just be in action. Someone with a growth mindset can bounce from thoughts of imperfection to recreating those thoughts rather quickly. As long as you know you are human, then you know life and you are not perfect. As long as you are in action, you will prosper. However, choosing to stay stuck in feeling bad will halt your prosperous tracks instantly.
  4. Highlight your abilities, gifts, and talents – to change your mindset, you need to move away from a mindset that focuses on what you cannot do and to one that focuses on what you can and will do.
  5. Minimize your weaknesses and strengths but work on them – it’s okay to not exaggerate and maximize your weaknesses, but it’s not prosperous to leave them stagnant either. Do you procrastinate and is this procrastination stopping you from prosperity? What can you do differently? Get an accountability partner. When you feel you need to procrastinate, reach out and ask someone to guide you back to the task at hand. Maybe you could give yourself a 15-minute break to daydream and that will reset your brain. Recreate your weaknesses but don’t magnify them.
  6. Breakthrough barriers by looking at them as fun, exciting, and exhilarating challenges – You can choose your perception at any time. Is something standing in your way? Rather than go into woe is me mode, try taking it on as a challenge that is exciting, fun, and – okay – a little scary too.
  7. Reward your passion. When you get excited about something, reward yourself. Highlight when you are passionate about your prosperity goals. The more attention you pay to this mindset, the more prosperous you will become. When you are excited and passionate about something write it down; make note of it and recreate it again and again. You and only you know what makes for a prosperous life. This is your passion.
  8. Downplay the negative results; don’t get caught in your head; keep moving forward. Get out of your head and into your goals. If you want to feel bad, go ahead but don’t stay inside that too long. You need to brush it off and push it aside and keeping putting one foot in front of the other. Prosperity doesn’t come to those who feel sorry for themselves or those who quit.
  9. Begin to move your “want-to-do list” higher than your “need-to-do list.” How many times have you filled your phone apps and your paper to-do list with household and family chores? What about your “want-to-do” items? Where are they? If you want a prosperous life, you must include the things you love that bring you joy. Prosperity comes from adding things into your life that bring you joy in the first place. If you have a mindset of joy, lack will not follow, but prosperity is sure to follow.
  10. Visualize your prosperous life, the big house, and the fancy car. Keep reminding yourself it is possible. Remember that procrastination project? Give yourself time to daydream – and do it by visualizing what makes your heart sing and your mouth smile.

Ask Pertinent Questions of Yourself 

Tell the truth. You love your family and children so much you want them to prosper, right? You spend time all day long asking your kids questions and moving them higher and closer to their goals. You don’t ask them questions that make them feel bad. You probably make them think to raise them to their higher selves.

What about yourself? Do you ask yourself pertinent questions? If not, here’s a chance to move closer to prosperity with these top questions. 

  1. Is this my highest potential? When you ask yourself if this is my highest potential, you create a space to think anew. What if you expanded yourself a little more each day? How would that show up in your life? Imagine going a little further each day and waking up to the realization you are in the flow and are achieving prosperity daily.
  2. Where can I stretch myself? Look at which areas in your life are perfectly in balance and which areas are out of balance. Where can you stretch? Can you do it at work, at home, or in your personal goals? Tell one on yourself and go the extra mile.
  3. Where can I challenge myself and have it show up as exhilarating? Where can you take on a challenge and have it show up as exciting and not frightening? Once you get that you can change your perception to take on new challenges and view them positively, you will find an abundance of prosperity being born right out of your mind.
  4. Does this make a difference to others? Ask yourself where the value is for other people in what you do. Are you a life coach? Are you a writer? Do you sell products or services that would make a difference in someone’s life? Once you see the value in making a difference to others, prosperity will come knocking at your door.
  5. If I had a deadline would I amp up my game? When it comes to personal goals that lead to prosperity, let’s be honest, we don’t always take it seriously. What if you were to attach deadlines to our goals? Think of it as something on your to-do list that has to get done otherwise a negative impact will occur. You will be holding prosperity at bay, once again.
  6. Does this spark interest in others and does it catch fire? Are you excited about what you are taking on in life and does it spark interest in other people? If so, why not keep the spark going until it becomes a full-fledged flame.
  7. Am I being enthusiastic enough? If you are ho-hum about your goals, your goals will be ho-hum for you. Prosperity doesn’t follow a ho-hum attitude; it follows enthusiasm like a match to wood.
  8. Are others being inspired by my path? Are you inspired by what you do? Do your natural gifts and talents inspire you? What about others – are they inspired by you? When you blaze a trail of inspiration, prosperity will become part of who you are and what you give.
  9. Are others feeling enthusiastic along with me? Are other people motivated and enthusiastic along with you? Once you take on enthusiasm as a way of being, others will follow suit. Anytime enthusiasm is involved, success, abundance, and prosperity follow behind shortly thereafter.
  10. Am I willing to go through the transformation necessary to create a wealthy mindset? Here’s a good question. Ask yourself daily if you are willing to take the steps and do the work for the result of prosperity.
  11. Am I willing to give up my old stories of lack and deprivation? How badly do you want prosperity versus wanting to hold on to your old stories and patterns?
  12. Am I willing to embrace the work necessary to get me to the other side? Embrace the work, but view it as the means to an end of the road to take to reach your desired destination.
  13. Am I willing to take responsibility for my life to be more prosperous? Are you ready to stop blaming and circumstances blocking your prosperity and willing to take responsibility?
  14. Do I know how to say no? Learn how to say no. When you first begin, it will feel terrible, but it does get easier.
  15. Do I know how to delegate to create a wealthy mindset? If you are doing it all, then nothing is getting done wholly. Learn how to delegate to make room for abundance.
  16. Will I take on more meaningful goals? Are your goals impactful enough? Look and see if you can amp them up.
  17. Will I remember that feeling when I do reach hard to reach goals for next time?
  18. Am I willing to work to transform my brain? Are you willing to look at your old patterns and belief around prosperity and admit that some of them did not work for you?
  19. Do I fully understand the power I have to rewire my brain for prosperity? Do you have a good grasp on how powerful your mind is in creating a life of prosperity?
  20. Can I fully focus my energy and create emotional engagement with prosperity as a way of life now? Can you have a relationship with prosperity without feeling guilty?
  21. Am I willing to feed my mind healthy foods that give it energy? Will I take responsibility for eating healthy, energy foods, and staying hydrated to be at my optimum levels?
  22. Am I willing to feed my mind with positive books, thoughts, and people? What are you feeding your mind?
  23. How can I recreate my role inside my head from procrastinator or not good enough to abundant and prosperous? People who procrastinate often do so because of feelings of not being good enough. Are you willing to throw that notion away?
  24. What are the fruits of my labor; small steps lead up to giant achievements? Are you recording your every achievement no matter how big or how small?
  25. Am I ready to take on the mindset of abundance and prosperity? Am I ready to walk the walk and talk the talk? How exciting!

When you use this guide, learn the keys, change your thoughts, create new ways of being, and ask yourself the tough questions, you rewire your brain from one of lack to one of ultimate prosperity and wealth.

Change your mind. Change your life.